Who We Are

New Song Church is a non-denominational church formed to help meet the spiritual needs of Daniel Island and the Clements Ferry Road Community. Being a non-denominational church simply means we are a fellowship of ordinary people who come from many backgrounds, ethnic groups, and varied religious upbringings while maintaining our commitment to Biblical truth. We are committed to being a place where people from all walks of life can come together, be accepted, loved, and challenged to be all they were created to be.

Our mission is to help people find new life in Jesus Christ. Finding new life in Jesus Christ commences as an individual begins a relationship with Jesus Christ and continues as one learns to put God first in all areas of their life.

What Are Our Core Values?

Relevant Bible Teaching

We will equip believers, through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word, to follow Christ in every sphere of life.


Small Groups

We will build relationships, make disciples, stimulate spiritual growth, and develop leaders through small group ministry.



We will maintain a high standard of excellence to the glory of God. This will be achieved by every person exercising their God given gifts to the best of their ability in order to build the church.



We will pursue ways and means to facilitate numerical growth without compromising our integrity, or commitment, to the Biblical and spiritual growth of every individual.

What To Expect

Our main goal is to glorify God and as we do we will experience God’s saving grace. Though we strive to make each service enjoyable for everyone, our ultimate desire is that God is glorified and receives our utmost attention. New Song can be a catalyst in helping you to experience the joy in getting to know your Creator and more importantly, what He has done for you.

We strive to create an environment of worship where people experience the presence of God. We strive to create an atmosphere where as many people as possible can meet and experience God. Our music style is contemporary and driven by a heart of worship.

Our messages are Biblically-based and offer practical insights for relevant issues.

How Should I Dress

Dress comfortably and be yourself. We’re more concerned with what happens on the inside of people rather than their external appearance.